Friday, 22 November 2013

Kaffa Espresso Bar の 壁画

The mural painting at Kaffa Espresso Bar


Few days ago, my colleague has shown me this mural painting that he snapped. I have guess the location of this mural for quite a long time but I cant get anywhere near to it. Then, he gave me two hints: 1. The mural is not located at the area where most mural are. 2. It is near at one of the venues where the Hungry Ghost Festival is held. After listening to these two hints, I have correctly guess the location of this mural after the third attempt. Well, let see if you can guess it..haha..


Have you get the location? If not, lets look at this picture and see if it triggers any of your memories.

谜底揭晓了!这幅壁画是在Kaffa Espresso Bar里的。这间Kaffa Espresso Bar其实还有几幅壁画,其他都是在店里的(我没进去拍)。想看看里面那些壁画的话,可以到Ken Hunts FoodYoke Chiing部落格哦。

Now, lets reveal the location of the mural. It is located at the Kaffa Espresso Bar. There are actually other murals painted in Kaffa Espresso Bar (I didn't went into the bar to take it). If you wish to see those murals inside the bar, you can visit Ken Hunts Food and Yoke Chiing's blog.

Kaffa Espresso Bar是位于Jalan Green Hall的,不过这幅女生壁画是在Kaffa Espresso Bar的后门,所以你必须走到Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah(Dewan Sri Pinang的对面)才能看到这幅壁画。照片里车子的位置就是通往壁画的道路入口处。

Kaffa Espresso Bar is located at Green Hall but this woman mural is painted at the back of the bar. Therefore, you will have to walk to Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah (opposite of Dewan Sri Pinang) to see this mural. The position of the car in the photo is where the entrance of the walkway to the mural is.


  1. 那家餐厅是有很多壁画,没有记错应该还有“The Beetle“!!! =]

    1. 哈哈。。你不说的话我还以为只有两幅罢了,因为在网上只看到了两幅。。嘻嘻。。谢谢你的资讯哦! :)

    2. 我没有去过,也是在博客里面知道的,她还说唯一没有拍到的就是这幅壁画!!! =]

    3. 哈哈。。她应该是没有到后面去吧,因为如果有经过的话一定会看到的。。嘻嘻。。


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