Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pisa Corner: Oriental Express Set Meal


昨天和室友拍摄完某公司的晚宴后,来到了Pisa Corner享用晚餐。第一次到Pisa Corner的我毫无头绪要吃什么。经室友的推荐,我点了这盘酸甜鸡扒饭。看看那又大又结实的鸡扒,能猜到这一盘鸡扒饭要多少钱吗?



Yesterday, after finished the shooting job with my roommate, we went to Pisa Corner to have our dinner. This is my first time went to Pisa Corner so I have no idea what to eat. My roommate has recommended the Asian Delight stall for me, and so I ordered this sweet and sour chicken rice. Look at the juicy and large piece of chicken, can you guess how much it costs?

At first, when I look at the price, I don't feel like ordered it. But since it was the recommendation from my roommate and I have earned some money from the shooting job, so at last I have ordered it. The price of this sweet and sour chicken rice is double the price of the normal one, this one plate costs me RM9. The price may still consider normal for a permanent worker but for a part timer like me it is definitely not.

After taken the first bite, I have change my mind. Well, the chicken and the sauce is definitely worth RM9. The chicken is all made up of meat, not flour! Another bonus is that it's sauce is more saturated and nicer than the normal one, it is almost the same taste as the nicest sweet and sour sauce that I ever taste before. However, one thing to complain is that the vegetable is too little.


This is the soup of the chicken rice. Well, there is nothing special about the soup and it tastes normal only.

这摊就是售卖亚洲套餐的档口啦。最便宜的都要RM7以上。至于档口的营业时间就不清楚了,没有问到老板,不过Pisa Corner是从5pm就开始营业一直至凌晨但不清楚是不是每天都营有业。如何到达Pisa Corner呢?看看Google Map吧因为我自己也不是很清楚。。哈哈。。

This is the Oriental Express Set Meal hawker stall. The cheapest dishes start from RM7. I am not sure about the business hour of this stall but Pisa Corner is opened from 5pm until midnight, not sure whether it is opened everyday or not. How to get to Pisa Corner? Well, this you have to ask the Google Map cause I actually don't know how to get there also..haha..


  1. 即使是上班族,我也是觉得贵,呵呵,可能是因为地点的关系,所以价钱都是大略这样的!!! =]

    1. 可能吧,不过他的鸡扒确实是货真价实的。我到过很多餐厅(可能是餐厅的关系),很多食物都是贵却没有料的。。哈哈。。


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