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这幅槟城版转角遇到匪壁画就在那幅位于Lebuh Ah Quee小巷里的“我们的艺术文化正在消亡”壁画对面。既然是幅引起争议性的壁画,我想它的寿命也不长了。想要拍照留念的朋友动作要快咯~

Previously, the robbery mural in Johor painted by Ernest is now made it's appearance in Georgetown, Penang. Yesterday when I saw this mural in Facebook, they didn't mention about it's location. Today, the first thing I saw when I woke up is a message of a friend telling me the whereabouts of this mural. And so, soon after that, I went to Georgetown to snap it.

This mural is located at the wall opposite the 'Our Art Is Dying' mural which is in an alley of Ah Quee Street. Since this mural has led to some argument among different parties, it is most probably it will be erase soon just like what has happened in Johor. If you wish to snap a photo of it, you have to move fast.


When I saw this mural, it does let me down a little bit. This mural is actually not drawn on the wall. It is first drawn on a paper and then the paper is pasted on the wall.


See the victim's leg? You will notice that this mural is made by paper.


This pink elephant was born recently as well. I think you all already know where this pink elephant is just by looking at the picture.


This doggy mural is also a new mural. It is just opposite 'The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This' mural.


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