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步行记:丹绒武雅海边 Tanjung Bungah Beach

Tanjung Bungah Beach


16th June is a special day to me. It is the day that "My Life Via Lens" was founded. In this meaningful day, I have decided to have a long distance foot travelling to celebrate "My Life Via Lens" 1st anniversary. This time I have planned to enjoy the sunset. Talking about sunset, the first place that came into my mind was Tanjung Bungah beach. I remembered clearly that I have seen a beautiful sunset scene at there before so I am going to try out my luck this time.

当天我很早出门,中午十二点半就从家里出发了。行走半小时后,通过了双溪赖,我来到了Batu Uban。Batu Uban就在理大的其中一个大门那边(靠近游泳池的),一直随着大路直走就会去到日落洞了。

That day I went out quite early. It was 12.30 pm when I departed from my house. I passed through Sungai Dua area and with a 30 minutes of walking, I reached Batu Uban. Batu Uban is the area where one of the USM main gates located (the one near swimming pool). Following the main road from here will eventually lead to Jelutong.


Soon, I saw this "mini twin tower" on my right. Usually I only seen this condominium when I was in USM or when I was passing by with a car. I have never thought that I will be so close with it one day..hehe.. During my university days, I have heard rumor saying that Andy Lau has bought a whole storey of this condominium. Hmm... I wonder?

过了公寓后,很快的就来到了理大大门。朋友们都说Batu Uban的理大大门是正门,不过我却一直觉得这里是后门。因为啊,我第一次踏进理大校园时是从Bukit Gambir那里的大门进入的,刚好是反方向,所以很自然的就觉得那里是正门了。。嘻嘻。。图里的USM标志是在Batu Uban理大大门旁边的大草场上的,这还是我第一次隔着两条马路拍摄这USM标志呢!

After passing through the condominium, I came to the Batu Uban USM main gate. My friends used to told me that this is the front gate but I have always thought of it as the back gate. The reason is that when I first came to USM, I was using the main gate at the Bukit Gambir side, which is the opposite side of Batu Uban. So, I have automatically assumed that the Bukit Gambir main gate is the front gate. The USM logo showing in the above photo is located on the big field beside Batu Uban main gate. This is the first time I have shot this logo from a distance this far away.


Then, I walked along the road side. The weather on that day was pretty hot. After walking for a short distance, I have started to feel thirsty. There wasn't any stall along the way so all I can do was to endure the thirst for a little longer.


At last, I have saw this Malay stall not far away. I pick up the pace towards the Malay stall. I bought a pack of soy bean as soon as I reached the stall.


Awesome! It really felt so nice to have a cold soy bean under the super hot weather! I drank half of the soy bean one go and the other half have to save it for the journey afterwards, who knows I might not met another drink stall again..hehe..

随后我看见了这间回教堂。回教堂名为Masjid Jamek Sungai Gelugor,旁边是马来同胞的坟场。马来同胞的坟位比起我们华人的小得很多,很节省空间。

Afterwards, I saw this mosque on my right hand side. The name of this mosque is Masjid Jamek Sungai Gelugor and there is a Malay's graveyard next to it. The tomb for the Malay people was way more smaller than the Chinese one, they really save up a lot of space.

接下来看见的就是这间SEAMEO RECSAM(Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics)。具体上并不是很了解这是什么建筑物,依名字看来是和教育有关的。大学时期时曾经到过这里一次,还记得上次是因为社团活动需要寻找住宿给参与者,刚好得知RECSAM有提供此服务,所以就前来询问了。

The remarkable building that I saw next is this SEAMEO RECSAM (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics). I am not sure what is this building, but it surely is an educative place. During my university time, I have went here once. I still remembered that my visiting last time was because of the club's activity that required us to find accommodation for the participants and RECSAM has this services, so we came here asking for the details.

一路上从Batu Uban走到RECSAM的道路叫做Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,接下来将会经过一个交通圈,交通圈十二点钟方向的道路叫做Jalan Gelugor,也就是我即将前进的方向。

Along the way from Batu Uban area until RACSAM is called Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. Then, I will come to a roundabout and walking straight through the roundabout and I will reach Jalan Gelugor.

这就是Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah尽头的交通圈啦,上面写着“欢迎来到乔治市世界文化遗产”。我在拍摄交通圈时心里就在想着,那些驾车经过的人应该都会用疑惑的眼神望我一眼吧?

This is the roundabout at the end of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. It was written "Welcome to George Town UNESCO Heritage City" on it. While I was taking the photo of this roundabout, I was thinking that those people that drive through here surely will take a look at me..hehe..


The 3 o'clock  of the roundabout is an exit from a tunnel and it can lead to Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway.

交通圈过后我沿着Jalan Gelugor直走。不久就来到了峇都蘭墇的入口。心想既然都来到了,所以就决定去吃我最爱吃的峇都蘭墇鲜鱼

After the roundabout, I walked along Jalan Gelugor and soon reached the entrance to Batu Lancang. Since I was there, so I have decided to eat my favourite Batu Lancang Pasembur.


Every time when I was in Batu Lancang, I will always look up to this condominium. I feel it was so special that looking at it at different place and different angle will have different visual effects. This is the angle that I favourite.


Soon, I have reached Batu Lancang market. The time is 2.45 pm which was 2 hours and 15 minutes after departing from my house. I entered the market, find a nice place to sit down and enjoy my lunch.

当当!这就是我最爱吃的鲜鱼啦!这里的鲜鱼特别之处在于它的酱汁,在别处是吃不到这个味道的。我点了一盘小盘加了海蜇的,一盘要RM4.50。价钱是涨了五十仙,不过味道依然保持不变。其实我每隔两三个月都会来吃一次,万万没想到的是老板娘既然能记得我。去年十月份时为了要将这里的鲜鱼写进我的部落格所以问了老板娘很多问题,我们也聊起了关于我的生活的题外话。我告诉她我是从砂拉越来的,她应该是对此影响深刻吧?要不然她就是认得我的帽子了,因为每次去的时候我都是戴着我那残旧的巧克力帽的。 XD

Tada! This is my favourite Pasembur! It's sauce is what made it special and differentiate it from the other pasembur. I have ordered a small one with jelly fish added, one plate has costs me RM4.50. Well, the price has raised 50 cents but the taste still maintain. Actually, I will come to eat this pasembur once every two to three months. I was surprised that the hawker can still remembered me though I hardly showed up. During October last year, I have asked the hawker a lot of questions regard her pasembur as I want to write it in my blog. Besides talking about pasembur, we do have a little chat about my life. I told her that I was from Sarawak so I think she must be remembered me from where I came from. Or maybe she remembered my cap instead as I always wore the old chocolate cap when I went to eat her pasembur..hehe..


I spent 15 minutes for my lunch. After finished having my lunch, I continued my journey. I bought one pack of herbal tea before I left the market. The weather at that time was indeed very hot, I can easily get dehydrated if I weren't drink enough water.


Now, I have two paths can be chosen, Jelutong Road or Perak Road. I have chose Perak Road as I have passed through Jelutong with bus countless times, so it wasn't that fresh to me anymore. Walking along Perak Road, what I can see was both side of the road were occupied by shops and there were many hawker stalls as well. Not long after stepping in Perak Road, I started to feel headache and my body felt light. I wasn't feeling well. I was thinking that it was mostly caused by the hot weather. Since I can still keep my consciousness, I ignored the headache and continued walking slowly.


I saw this "Bu Zhi Dao" coffee shop in Perak Road. It's name literally means "don't know". Next time if you asked you friend where to eat and he answered you with "don't know", lets just bring him here..haha.. Suddenly feel that they should open one more coffee shop with the name "Whatever" as my friends always give me this answer when I asked them where to eat.


As I walked along the road, I saw this wilted plant. It climbed on the fence with the red vegetables around it (not sure whether it is vegetable or not).

这就是那些红色的蔬菜,有人知道这是什么植物吗?我很肯定它不是辣椒也不是番茄就是了。 XD

This is the red colour vegetable, anyone knows what it is? I am pretty sure that it was not chili nor tomato..hehe..

在大路后走了一段距离后,呼吸变得越来越吃力,真的觉得越来越不舒服了。于是,我在抵达Jalan Sungai Pinang之前的巴士站坐下,休息了十分钟。

After walking for quite a while at Perak Road, I started to feel harder to breath and felt really uncomfortable now. I stopped my pace and rest at the bus stop near Jalan Sungai Pinang for about 10 minutes.

短暂休息后,感觉有好点了,呼吸也恢复正常。接下来我依然沿着大路后前进,没多久就来到了Jalan Dato Keramat。这里是Jalan Dato Keramat和大路后的交叉路口处。很喜欢马路上黄色的线条,可以带出不错的视觉效果,等哪天得空一定会来这里慢慢拍摄的。

After a short break, I felt much better and I can breath normally now. Then, I continued to walk along Perak Road and soon I came to Dato Keramat Road. This is at the crossroad between Dato Keramat Road and Perak Road. Really like the yellow line on the road as it is a good leading line in photography. Gonna come here shoot again when I am free in the future.

穿过Jalan Dato Keramat后依然还是Jalan Perak(不晓得这里还是不是叫做大路后)。根据谷歌地图,我需要一直沿着Jalan Perak走到尽头就是了。路途上遇见了这栋很特别的建筑物,看见它时我第一个就来联想到了纽西兰的牛。。哈哈。。

After crossing Dato Keramat Road and I was still in Perak Road. According to Google Maps, I have to walk along Perak Road until the very end. On my way, I have met with this kinda special building. The first thing that came in my mind when I saw this building is the New Zealand cow, their pattern just look alike!

后来我来到了一个路口,当时以为那就是Jalan Perak的尽头了,所以我转左进入了上图这条道路。不久前曾经从乔治市走路到关仔角,不过好像不是走这条路的。我也没管那么多,反正肯定是在附近了,所以就凭感觉走就对了。

Then, I came to a junction and I thought that must be the end of Perak Road already so I turned left from there. I entered the road as shown above after turning left. I felt strange as I was not familiar with the road. Actually, not long ago I have walked to Gurney from Georgetown but it seems like this road wasn't the one I was taking last time. Though, I didn't care much about it as I have the strong feeling that I must be somewhere nearby. Afterwards, I continued my journey based on my instinct.


On the way, I saw this purple building. Even though it has been abandoned by it's master, but it's appearance still looks nice to me. If someone willing to renovate it a bit I am sure that it will become a magnificent building. By the way, the house owner is renting out this house, anyone who is interested can call 012-4306888.


Another special building is this green double storey house. I wonder if it is a resident house or an office. I saw that there was actually a security guarding this house.

走着走着,不知怎么的就来到了两排都种满槟榔树的道路。我看见路标上写着这条路叫作Lebuhraya Peel,之后回家看谷歌地图时才发现原来我饶了远路,当初在Jalan Perak那里不应该转左的。

And soon, I ended up reaching this road where both side were planted with Pinang trees. I saw on the road sign that this road was actually called Lebuhraya Peel. After I came back home, I checked it on Google Maps and found that I was actually taking the long way, I shouldn't have turned left from Jalan Perak before.

走到Lebuhraya Peel的尽头时,我又来到了Jalan Perak。话说,Jalan Perak还真的是很长啊!过后我看见了这间泰国佛寺,这也就是说我已经在车水路附近了。对接下来的路程开始有信心了,因为我比较熟悉车水路。

I walked until the end of Lebuhraya Peel and I came back to Perak Road again. By the way, this Perak Road is really really long! Soon, I saw this Thai Buddhist Temple. This can only means that I was nearby Burma Road already. I felt confident for the following journey as I was more familiar with Burma Road.


Then, I walked along Burma Road and saw this green grass field. Because it was so attractive to me, I can still remembered clearly that I have seen this grass field the last time walked through Burma Road.

后来看见了Lorong Kucing,这我就没什么印象了。看见Lorong Kucing时,当时就有这个想法,可能有一天我也能找到Lorong Anjing吧?哈哈~

After that, I saw this Lorong Kucing (literally means cat alley). I didn't have much memory on this one though. At that moment, I was thinking that perhaps one day I can find a Lorong Anjing (literally means dog alley) somewhere in Penang..hehe..

接下来这栋One Stop我就真的完全没有印象了,如果上次有经过的话我一定会记得的。我记得的是上次我有经过葛您百利宫,所以那时应该是在车水路某处转右进入Jalan Kelawai了。不过没关系,我知道One Stop离Gurney很近的,所以只需要随便走走下就能到Gurney了。。嘻嘻~

And then I saw this One Stop building and I was really have no impression on it. If I have pass through it last time then I am sure will remember one. The thing I remembered was that during my last walking, I have pass through Gurney Paragon. It seems that I have turned into Jalan Kelawai somewhere from Burma Road. However, since I have reached One Stop, it means that I was really near with Gurney already, so all I have to do was just walking around nearby and I will definitely found my way to Gurney.


And don't know how, I end up reaching Gurney Drive area. At first I was planing to pass through Gurney Paragon as there was a "Transformer" model showcase going on at there and I really wish to see that. Since I have passed through it, I gave up the planned and continued with my journey. "Transformer" will have to wait for me for another day.


Since I was there already, I went in further a bit to take the photograph of the roundabout.

拍好关仔角的交通圈后,我沿着Jalan Tanjung Tokong一直走下去。根据我的记忆,我只需要一直沿着大路走就能抵达丹绒武雅了。

After taking photographs of the Gurney roundabout, I continued my journey along Tanjung Tokong Road. According to my memory, all I have to do was just walked along the main road and I will eventually reach Tanjung Bungah.


Both side of the road afterwards were planted with green trees, it was not bad for a view. Oh ya, by this time I was already recovered from my sickness. It was already 6 pm at that time. The sky was filled with clouds and the weather was nice. Therefore, I was pretty sure that the sickness I got earlier on was really caused by the hot weather.


Along the way, I have passed through this Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant. Last time I have heard a friend form China said that their steamboat was quite nice.

没多久我来到了Island Plaza。转右进入Island Plaza旁的道路就会去到Straits Quay。我没有进入Straits Quay,害怕万一在里面迷路就惨了,毕竟时间也已经不早。过后我依然随着Tanjung Tokong的大路直走。

Soon, I came to Island Plaza. Turning right and walked into the road beside Island Plaza will lead me to Straits Quay. However, I do not turned into Straits Quay as I scared I might get lost in there and the time was quite late already. So, I continued my journey along the main road of Tanjung Tokong.


Next, what I saw is this row of building with the name "Vantage". Judging from what I have seen, it was occupied by rows of shops and all the shops were still very new. Most of them weren't even starting their business yet and there are many empty lots as well.


Next to Vantage was this super white Tesco Mall. I have been living in Penang for 5 years but yet to step a foot in it..hehe..

我走到这里时已经是傍晚六点四十分了。我不晓得这里算不算是丹绒武雅因为都没看见Tanjung Bungah的字眼。虽然当时还能看见太阳,但是天色已经逐渐变暗了。

It was already 6.40 pm when I walked until here. I wasn't sure whether this is still Tanjung Tokong area or not. Though the sun was still visible at that time, but the sky is slowly turning dark.


I pick up my pace. Then, when I saw this cat on top of the car, I stopped and took some photos of it.

我为这只猫拍了很多张照片,可是它却完全没有直视我的意思,难道我就这么不吸引吗? T_T

I have took quite a lot of photographs for this cat but it never look straight at me. Am I just so not attractive at all? T_T


Afterwards, I saw Hotels started to appear along the way and I saw this Chinese Swimming Club too. I have never noticed that there was a club like this every time I passed through with a car.

经过中华游泳俱乐部没多久,我终于看见Tanjung Bungah的字眼了!你看,Tanjung Bungah在欢迎我耶!哈哈~

At last I saw the "Tanjung Bungah" words soon after I passed through the Chinese Swimming Club. You see, Tanjung Bungah was welcoming me! haha~

在Tanjung Bungah字眼的对面是Four Points酒店。

Opposite the "Tanjung Bungah" words is this Four Points by Sheraton. It is a hotel.


After that, I met with this Mr. Ultraman. Before I saw the building, I already know that it must be a kindergarten..hehe..


This Penang flag and Malaysia flag mural is one thing that will not be missed out by anyone who passed through Tanjung Bungah. I heard that it is the longest mural in Penang.

我走到壁画那里时已经是傍晚七点了,心想再走下去的话肯定是来不及在天黑前抵达丹绒武雅海边(在Flamingo Hotel那里的海边)。我在路上看见了这个阶梯,它是可以通往海边的。于是我当机立断,决定就来这里的海边好了,毕竟这里也算是丹绒武雅海边。

When I reached the flag's mural there it was already 7 pm. I was thinking that if I were to continue walking then I must be cant reach the Tanjung Bungah beach (near Flamingo Hotel there) before the sky turn really dark. I saw this staircase on the way and it leads to the beach. I make a prompt decision that I will end my foot travelling at this beach. Well, it was considered as Tanjung Bungah beach as well after all.


This beach is actually located beside the Penang Swimming Club. At that time there was only me alone and it was somehow quite spooky.


I saw this big rock at the beach. The sea view there was quite nice but too bad that the sky that day wasn't really cooperate. I climbed onto the big rock and took a selfie.

过后我就一直在拍摄这块巨石了。我将Shutter Speed调慢,一直在那里捕捉海浪冲上岸的瞬间。以上三张是其中比较满意的照片,不同的海浪带有不同的感觉。

And then I kept on shooting this big rock. I slow down my shutter speed and captured the moment when the wave hits the seashore. The above are three photos that I am more satisfy with. Different wave gives out different feeling.


Before I leaved the beach, I make a logo of "My Life Via Lens" on the sand with the seashells. Even though at last I wasn't able to reach the  planned destination, but still I was quite satisfy with this foot travelling as I have found a new beach which is quite beautiful!


After leaving the beach, I went to the bus stop beside Penang Swimming Club and took the Rapid bus went back home. Once again, I want to wish "My Life Via Lens" a very Happy Birthday! All The Best!


This time, I have walked a total of 19 KM with 6.5 hours.


  1. 真的佩服你,那么热也可以走到Tanjung Bungah!难怪你那么瘦啦!我要想你学习!!!

    1. 谢谢~ 不过啊,我不想这么瘦了,我要增肥!!!哈哈~ XD

  2. 天啊!你真的很会拍耶!平时常常经过觉得平平无奇的建筑物,在你的相机之下却变得很壮观!而且天空拍的很美!海边那几张也很有气势!劲!




    1. 哇!感恩!感恩!谢谢你认真地读我的文章!我还怕我写得太啰嗦没人会去读呢!哈哈~




      哈哈。。有时心想,就是要走错路才比较好玩,往往因为走错路而看见了平时看不到的场景哦~ =)

  3. 祝 生日快乐哦~

    1. 谢谢你,Yaya~
      我很喜欢这里走走,那里看看,探索新鲜事物的~ XD

  4. 祝你生日快乐,天天快乐!
    你还真厉害下,一路从住家用11号巴士徒步到Tanjung Bungah.
    加油, 再加油~

    1. 谢谢你的祝福,Casey!
      我会继续加油的! XD

  5. 你很强耶,你都是用走的! 佩服佩服!

    1. 哈哈。。谢谢你,Connie!
      我相信每个人只要是做自己喜欢做的事也一定能很强的! XD

  6. Happy Anniversary to Mylifevialens!

  7. 請問那邊的海灘可以弄BBQ? ><


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