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【Penang Cafe】Creative Combination Of Cucumber & Mint Refreshing Soda | Folks Cafe

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe

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Since Georgetown was listed in the UNESCO world heritage site, added with the attractions from the famous Ernest's murals, today, Georgetown has become an international platform which has attracted the tourists from all over the world. And because of this, Georgetown is slowly being commercialize. Hostel, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and many more started to appear in Georgetown. Two months ago, Folks Cafe has began their business at Lebuh Acheh and they are proud with their food and service quality.

Folks Cafe is a cafe under Flash Back Homestay. It is run by two beautiful girls, Adel and Cheez. Adel was the one that served us that day and she spoke a very fluent English!

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Thanks to Jazz for inviting me to this review session. Along with us that day were Trista, Jennifer, Enqvist and Laygin.

The interior design of Folks Cafe is simple and neat. The tables are arranged at a distance that is comfortable for customers to dine in.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Customers have to order their foods and drinks at the counter at the back after choosing their preferred foods and drinks on the menu. There are few high chairs being set up at the counter which make it feels like a bar.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

There was a fox's and a rabbit's drawing on the wall of Folks Cafe. These animals are actually represent Adel's and Cheez's personality. Who is the fox and who is the rabbit? Well, go and check it out by yourself~ :P

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Well, I am a nature lover. When I saw the green plants being place on the wall, it makes me feel comfortable and close to nature.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

The green plants are put on the iron design on the wall. Simple yet special!

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Folks Cafe have prepared some books for those who like to read. While waiting for the foods to be served, reading is a healthy thing to do to kill the time.

The foods at Folks Cafe are divided into 5 categories, all day brunch, pasta, nibblets, skinny pizza and crunchy salads. Adel has prepared five courses for us, each from different categories. Adel told us that all the dressings were homemade and they were using the high quality ingredients.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Crunchy Salads : Mushroom - RM14

Mesclun salad, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and eggs, topped with roasted almond flakes and served with homemade sesame dressing.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Nibblets : Mushroom Munchies - RM12

The mushrooms give the crunchy sensation, nice! There are 4 to 5 mushrooms in one serving. The number of mushrooms is depending on the size of the mushroom.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

All Day Brunch : Folks Breakfast - RM16

Comes with bacon, sunny side up, chicken frank, baked beans tomatoes and toasts

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Pasta : Carbonara - RM16

Bacon and egg in cream sauce garnished with spring onions and bonito. Since some customers do not like cheese, so Folks Cafe didn't add any cheese into the carbonara. If you would like to add some cheese to your carbonara, you can request it from Folks Cafe and they will provide you a can of Parmesan Cheese powder.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Skinny Pizza : Smoked Salmon - RM18

This is the first time I have tasted the pizza with smoked salmon as topping. It was quite fresh for me! For the taste, it was not as strong if compared to the one we normally eat and the skin is not crunchy enough. Adel said that the pizza skin was not crispy may due to the oven problem, she said that it was supposed to be crispy.

For the drinks, Adel let us choose any drinks we like on the menu.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Rootbeer Ice-cream Float - RM10

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Left : Orange Juice - RM9
Middle : Lime & Cilantro Refreshing Soda - RM9
Right : Lychee & Lime Refreshing Soda - RM9

The drink that I ordered was orange juice. The taste was not so strong and I cant really taste the orange. Adel said that the juices are all zero sugar added so it wont tastes sweet.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street
Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Left : Cucumber & Mint Refreshing Soda - RM9
Right : Lemon & Rosemary Refreshing Soda - RM9

The combinations of Folks Cafe drinks are indeed very creative and special! A drink made of cucumber and mint, ever tried it before?

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

The price list of other drinks.

Folks Cafe at Acheen Street

Business Hour
Mon - Wed: 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

41 Lebuh Acheh, 10300 Penang, Malaysia

010-232 5163

Facebook Fan Page

This post was originally written on 12th May 2014

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