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【Penang Gourmet】A Hidden Tosai House In The Town

Tosai in Lorong Lumut

Tosai is an Indian traditional food. It can be said it is their pancake. The thin layer and the sour taste are the two major features of Tosai. Normally, Tosai can only be eaten at the Indian Mamak stall.
Yesterday, my friend has brought me to taste the Tosai that is rarely known by many. This Tosai tastes normal for me (maybe the ulcer in my mouth has affected the taste). What attract me more is the feeling that the surrounding environment emitted. It just feels different when you are having your dinner in front of a person's house. I have ordered an onion Tosai and Teh Ice and they costs me RM4 altogether (I am not sure about the price of the individual item).

Tosai in Lorong Lumut

This small blue building is the house that sells Tosai. To it's right is a boutique hotel called Spices Residence. This small blue house is located inside Lorong Lumut. Since there are very little people aware of it's existence, so most of it's customers are those that come often. It's business hour is the breakfast and dinner time and it opened daily.

Tosai in Lorong Lumut

This is their kitchen. The Indian uncle went to watch television while the Tosai is still cooking. Wow, this is something you don't always seen in your life!

Tosai in Lorong Lumut

This is how it looks like inside the house. All I can say is that it feels so different and so special.

Tosai in Lorong Lumut

An important landmark is this flea market (in the evening only). Walk along the Acheen Street towards the Carnarvon Street direction, you will eventually come to this flea market at the almost end of Acheen Street. Once you reach this flea market, look at your left side and you will see Lorong Lumut. Walk into Lorong Lumut and the small blue house will be at your left side.

This post was originally written on 30th October 2013

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