Monday, 25 November 2013

【Penang Gourmet】The Curry Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll) Hidden In An Alley Nearby Komtar Tower | Magazine Road

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
Curry Chee Cheong Fun

I have been eating curry mee all the time and today, I have tried something new - the curry Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll). This is a small curry Chee Cheong Fun which costs RM3, the big one costs RM3.50. This curry Chee Cheong Fun is not too sweet and the mint taste is not so heavy, but it is a bit spicy. Originally, it has the coagulated pig blood added in the curry Chee Cheong Fun but I told the hawker to remove it as I dislike the taste. However, I do like the taste of the tofu puff very much!

Well, there is actually a story why I went to eat this curry Chee Cheong Fun. Today, me and my friends went to a wholesale shop to survey the price of candies and we saw an uncle eating this curry Chee Cheong Fun. It quickly get our attention and we have ask for the location of this curry Chee Cheong Fun. Soon after we finished our survey, we straight went to find this curry Chee Cheong Fun stall.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

This is the Chee Cheong Fun (though the photo made it looks like Ban Mee). It is said that Ipoh also has this curry Chee Cheong Fun, but the curry is more saturated.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

For the drink, I have ordered Teh ice. The Teh ice's foam is thick and it tastes quite good. The price of this Teh ice is RM1.40.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

This is the curry Chee Cheong Fun stall. The business hour is from 12pm to 5.30pm and is opened daily. For the drink stall, it's business hour is from morning until evening.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

I think they are the mother and son. They run the business together.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

The curry Chee Cheong Fun stall is located inside this alley and this alley is just beside the Kimnovak Sdn Bhd (shop that sells school uniform). Another easier landmark is Traders Hotel. From Traders Hotel, cross the Magazine Road and come to the shop lots at the opposite side. Then, walk a few steps to the right and you will see this alley.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

It is these three friends that we went outing together. It is good to have you all!

This post was originally written on 25th October 2013

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