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【Penang Kopitiam】The Beef Koay Teow Th'ng & Fried Oyster That Are Worth Trying | Lam Ah Coffee Shop

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster
Fried Oyster, Beef Koay Teow Th'ng & Roti Bakar

Yesterday, during the lunch time of my work, me and my colleagues went to this Lam Ah Coffee Shop to have our lunch. This coffee shop only has two small stalls which are selling beef koay teow th'ng and fried oyster. Of course, you can also get some bread from this coffee shop.

Well, I personally do not eat oyster and beef, so I cant comment too much on these two foods. However, after tasting the fried egg of the fried oyster and the soup of the beef koay teow th'ng, I can say for sure that the fried oyster is indeed very crispy and the beef koay teow th'ng taste special (Well, the special taste maybe due to the reason that I do not eat beef). But, this beef koay teow th'ng definitely get the 'delicious' comment from my colleague.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster

To find this Lam Ah Coffee Shop, you must first find this fire station. This fire station is located at the crossroad of Chulia Street and Beach Street. Lam Ah Coffee Shop is just straight opposite this fire station.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster

Lam Ah Coffee Shop at the crossroad of Beach Street and Chulia Street.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster

The business hours for Lam Ah Coffee Shop is from Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 4.30pm. It is closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster

This is the beef koay teow th'ng stall. The small beef koay teow th'ng is RM7 while the big one is RM8. Suggest to order a big one because it is a lot bigger than the small one with just RM1 added.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop Fried Oyster

This is the fried oyster stall. For the serving of one to two people, I suggest you order RM6 one. For three people, you can try RM8 one and for four people, you can try RM10 one.

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This post was originally written on 27th July 2013

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