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【Penang Kopitiam】The Cheapest Hainanese Chicken Chop In Town | Hai Onn Restaurant

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant
Hai Onn Restaurant

Hai Onn Restaurant is a Chinese kopitiam that has been selling Hainan Cuisine for more than 70 years. This restaurant is located in Burma Road and everyday there are lots of customers having their meals at there.

I came to Hai Onn restaurant yesterday at 6pm. I have ordered a Hainanese chicken chop. I wanted to try the Roti Babi (pork bread) but when I reached there it was already sold out. The waitress told me that I have to come at 3pm to 4pm if I want to eat the Roti Babi, or make a call first to confirm whether the Roti Babi has been sold out.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

After taking my order, the waitress brought the spoon, fork, knife and sauces to my table. The red sauce is the tomato sauce and the black one is ketchup added with mustard sauce. Well, the mustard sauce was fresh for me as I had never eaten chicken chop with the mustard before.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM3.80

This is my second time having a Hainanese chicken chop, the first time is at Sin Chuan Bee Restaurant. Comparing to the Hainanese chicken chop I ate last time, this one feels more oriental and it has more gravy. To be frank, I went to eat this chicken chop after I know the price. At first I thought that the volume of the chicken chop would be very little as RM3.80 is just way to cheap for a chicken chop nowadays. Indeed, the chicken chop was quite small compared to other chicken chop. Well, the portion does match the price.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

The ingredients in the chicken chop are potato, tomato, onion and beans. I quite like the potato.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

The whole chicken chop was wrapped with egg. The egg is like a sponge absorbing the gravy. When put into the mouth, the gravy slowly flow out from the egg. As for the taste, personally think it was normal only, the gravy was a bit dull for me, it may not suite for those who likes flavourful taste.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Bread - RM0.40

The waitress asked me whether I want to have some bread or not? I saw many people have ordered the bread so I have ordered one too. Basically, it is a baked bread without any paste. I ate the bread together with the chicken chop sauce.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Coffee Ice - RM1.30

At first, I have ordered a Teh Ice (RM1.30). The Teh Ice was nearly tasteless. Then, I ordered a coffee ice. Same price, but the coffee ice taste way more nicer than the Teh Ice. The coffee ice here is quite saturated.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

I glanced through the customers in the restaurant and I found out that I am the only youngster! I was thinking that all the customers here should be the regular customers.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

The waitress told me that this restaurant was passing down by the owner's father and the owner himself is already more than 60 years old. The owner's son is taking his PhD in England and he don't want to inherit this business. The waitress said that this restaurant will end it's business soon. I was very lucky because I have tried their Hainan cuisine before the restaurant closed. In these few days, I will be going there again as I haven't try their Roti Babi!

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Hai Onn Restaurant is located beside the Macalister Lane, opposite of the Asia Camera Museum.



Today, I went to Hai Onn Restaurant again together with my friends. Last time I didn't get the chance to try the Roti Babi, but not for today.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Roti Babi(Per Piece)- RM3

Well, this is the Roti Babi I am talking about. It was slightly different from that of Sin Chuan Bee Restaurant as it was wrapped with egg. For me, I think that the Roti Babi at Sin Chuan Bee restaurant taste nicer.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Spring Roll(Per Roll)- RM2

The spring roll need to order at least two rolls. The taste was just normal only.

Burmah Road Hai Onn Restaurant

Cendol - RM2

This cendol is bought at the stall at macalister Lane beside the restaurant. I asked the waiter whether I can bring in the cendol into the restaurant and the waiter told me that yes I can do that but the only thing is that the cendol seller will not allow her cendol to bring into the restaurant (I think is because the hawker don't want to collect the bowl in the restaurant after the customers finished the cendol). The waiter then gave me a small bowl and told me to go buy the cendol using this bowl. She said with this I can bring the cendol into the restaurant. I personally think that the candol at Macalister Lane taste nicer than the Penang Road one.

For the main course, I have ordered a Hai Nan pork chop (so sorry I didn't take a photo of it!), and the price is the same as the Hai Nan chicken chop, RM3.80. The different is the pork chop wasn't wrapped with egg (unless requested by customer) and the portion was very small. The meat was very hard to eat as well so overall it wasn't taste so nice. The waiter told me that they also served fish chop, but the price is a bit more expensive, RM7.

After reading my blog, a friend told me that she actually don't like the Hai Nan chicken chop very much. I asked her whether that was the first time she had tried Hai Nan chicken chop and she said yes. Actually, how does the Hai Nan chicken chop taste is really depended on each individual. There are many people who used to eat western chicken chop all the time cant accept the taste of Hai Nan chicken chop but for me it doesn't taste bad. Compare to the western chicken chop, Hai Nan chicken chop really taste different because of it's gravy. If I have to put a way to describe it's taste, I will say that it tastes nearest to the mushroom chicken chop.

Business Hour
12.30pm to 8pm (Close on Monday)

No. 53-55 Burmah Road, 10050 Penang.


This post was originally written on 7th March 2014

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