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【Penang Kopitiam】The Hundred Years Old Kopitiam | Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop
Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Kong Thai Lai coffee shop has been visited by the late Mr. Honda, Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew, the Sugar King, Robert Kuok Hock Nien and Chief Minister of Penang, CM Lim Guan Eng. This hundred years old coffee shop is passed down from generation to generation and the current shop owner is the third generation. The original coffee recipe passed down from his grandfather is definitely one of the attractions here.

So, as to why I would came to this coffee shop today, the story goes like this. Few days ago, I saw a post about Kong Thai Lai coffee shop on My Lovely Blue Sky blog and I have been thinking of visiting this coffee shop since then. Coincidentally, I met my friend, Tong, at Occupy Beach Street a couple of days ago and he told me that he wanted to visit this coffee shop as well. However, that day he was busying with something else so we decided to choose another day to visit this coffee shop and the day is today. We were having our breakfast at there.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

We reached the coffee shop at 10am. At that time the main course weren't ready yet so we both ordered a set of breakfast. For me, this coffee is not really that thick, but the coffee indeed does smell nice!

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

There is a container of sugar on every table for the customers to add sugar into the coffee. I didn't add in any sugar because the sweetness of the original coffee is just what I prefer.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Same as the toast at other places, the toast here has the butter and kaya flavour. The only different is that the toast here is more crispy.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Tong told me that dipping the toast in the coffee will taste nicer. I tried both the dipped toast and the original one and the taste is really different!

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

A cup of coffee, a plate of toast and a cup of half boiled egg is what made up a full set breakfast. The left one is a two eggs (mine) and the right one is one egg (Tong's). I like the one egg one as the cup feels like more high class..hehe..

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

This full set of breakfast only costs RM4.70 and it is a treat from Tong.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Hai Nan Chicken Chop - RM10

We finished our breakfast at about 10.30am but we keep on staying at there waiting for the main course. At 11am sharp, we ordered a Hai Nan chicken chop and a fish and chip. The appearance of the chicken chop was good but the taste was just normal only.The vegetables around the chicken chop was fresh.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Fish & Chip - RM9

The appearance of this fish and chip was not bad as well but the taste is just so so only. Yet, I quite like the tartar sauce. I like the taste of the red onion mix together with the sour sauce. Beside chicken chop and fish & chip, Kong Thai Lai also sells mee prawns (RM12), fried rice (RM5), tomyam fried rice (RM6) and fried mee (RM5).

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

I saw these homemade Kaya on the counter, one container is sold for RM5. Kong Thai Lai also sells roasted coffee bean, 1kg for RM20.

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

Though Kong Thai Lai coffee shop has a history of over hundred year, yet the building looks just new. It must has been undergo some renovation before.

6 Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

Business Hour
Daily:7.30am - 5pm
Saturday / Public Holiday:7.30am - 4pm

This post was originally written on 12th March 2014

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