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【Penang Restaurant】Szechwan, Hunan & Fujian Dishes At "Shi Fu" Chinese Restaurant | Bay Avenue

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang
Shi Fu Chinese Restaurant at Bay Anenue Penang

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Indeed, Penang is famous with it's local food where these local foods can be found almost everywhere in Penang! However, Penang is not that popular with the foreign foods, especially the authentic Chinese dishes. Since I started blogging, I have only reviewing two restaurants that served Chinese dishes. The first one is the Claypot Porridge at Kampung Malabar and the second one is Shi Fu, which I will introduce to you all later in this post.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

You know what? I take a liking towards Chinese cuisine during the food review at Claypot Porridge, which the Chinese dishes were cooked by the chef from China. Thus, I am really glad to be invited to this review to once again try out the authentic Chinese dishes. Thanks to Jack for the invitation and thanks to Constance for fetching me to Shi Fu.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

Though Shi Fu is a restaurant that serve Chinese dishes, yet the interior design is quite modern and lack of Chinese style. The dining area is quite wide and the ambiance is pretty much cosy. The temperature inside the restaurant is just perfect that it cools down my body to a relaxing state. I really enjoyed having my lunch in the restaurant.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

Shi Fu mainly serve the Szechwan dishes, Hunan dishes and Fujian dishes from China. These dishes were all prepared by the chef that came all the way from China.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes【RM12】

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes is a common dish among many Chinese family. Yet, it is somehow different than the one my mum used to cook as my mum did not add in red onion. The tastes is slightly different too.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang
Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Spicy Boiled Fish【Standard:RM55 | Big:RM80】

Spicy Boiled Fish is one of the Szechwan dishes which the spiciness plays the main role here. The chef cooked this dish with Tilapia as he believe that Tilapia is the most suitable fish for this dish. One standard size bowl is suitable for 4 to 6 people. The spicy boiled fish that we ate was a medium spicy one. Personally think that it was spicy enough already. Customers can request to cook the spicy boiled fish in three different spicy level.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang
Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Pork Ribs【RM26】

This pork ribs is one of my favourite Chinese dishes! The pork ribs is cooked with alcohol and vinegar (I like the taste of vinegar!), so the taste is a bit sour. The pork ribs is al dente.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang
Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Deep Fried Spicy Chicken【RM30】

This deep fried spicy chicken is one of the Hunan dishes and the specialty feature of Hunan dish is fragrant and spicy. Before this dish was served on the table, I already can smell it's fragrance from afar. Other than spiciness, this dish also taste sweet. The sugar particulate can be seen on the chicken. The chicken is not boneless but due to it's crispiness, I can actually bite the bone to pieces and swallowed it together with the chicken.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork【RM16】

This is one of the representative dish of Szechwan as well. The main ingredients are the sauteed vermicelli and the spicy minced pork, which is cooked with the spicy bean paste. Personally think that the taste is quite spicy. We were informed that usually when the Szechwan people were having the spicy dishes, they always eat them with some alcoholic drinks. Shi Fu allows customers to bring their own alcohol or wine into the restaurant and it is free of charge.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang
Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Steamed Fish (Cod)【RM50】

I have heard my friend said that cod can be a very delicious dish depend on how it is cooked. We were served with the steamed cod on that day and yes, this is definitely a nice way to cook it! The fish meat was soft and smooth and it gives a very nice mouthfeel! Oh ya, if you wish to eat crab, you will have to bring your own ingredient and the chef will cook it for you.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Chrysanthemum (One Pot)【RM10】

As for the drink, Shi Fu served us with one pot of Chrysanthemum. However, this Chrysanthemum tastes different from the normal Chrysanthemum tea. The taste is quite special and I don't know how to put it into words. XD

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

  Fresh Orange Juice【RM5】

Shi Fu has served each of us with orange juice as well. The orange juice is filled with the orange pulp and it is very fresh.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

Found some interesting things inside the restaurant. Can you guess what are these 'ladies' and 'gentlemen'?

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

This masterpiece is made up of dozens of clothespins!

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

I suppose this is a plant. Anyone knows what plant is it?

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

Shi Fu has just started their business on 3rd September 2014, which is about two months ago. To celebrate the grand opening, Shi Fu has came out with a special offer (refer the photo above). The offer ends by 31st December 2014, so be sure to grab it before it ends.

Shi Fu Chinese Restarant Penang

C-15-1, Bay Avenue, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

  Business Hour
10 AM - 10 PM(Open Daily)

Phone:04-611 9483
∴Some dishes have to book in advance

  Facebook Fan Page
Shi Fu 食府

This post was originally written on 13 November 2014

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