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Recently, there are many new mural paintings appeared in Georgetown. At the same time, there are murals slowly disappearing and being destroyed. Take the murals in Chew Jetty as the examples. The kid rolling the boat mural is disappearing due to the heavy rain and the hot sun while the grandparents mural is being wipe off as it is being destroyed by some bad guy previously.
Today, when I was walking in Georgetown during my free time, I have met with this 'Our Art is Dying' mural. And yes, it is really dying now! The mural has been half destroyed already.


This mural is being destroyed by others. The pieces of the murals can still be seen in the drain beneath it. I really don't understand why is it there are people will purposely go and destroy the mural. Even if the mural is not nice or maybe they dislike it, but they just don't have to go and destroy it, don't they?


This is how the 'Our Art is Dying' mural originally looks like.


Then these two murals were also being destroyed. These are some very nice mural, and look what they have become now. It is really sick to look at it.


This is how the mural originally looks like. The first and the third mural are those that were being destroyed.


I have heard that the 'Sibling riding a bicycle mural' is being sabotaged few days ago so I have went there for a look. It seems that the dirty water that is being poured on the mural is being cleaned. When I looked carefully into the mural, the kids that sit behind is becoming unclear already.


It is said that to obtain something new we must give up on the old things. So is it apply to the mural painting too?

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