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【Penang Gourmet】Tomyam At Top Cafe | Lintang Minden 2

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam
Tom Yam at Top One Cafe

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Few days ago, while having nothing to do at home, I have taken a walk nearby my house. Soon, I realized that I have walked until Minden area which is beside USM and I started to feel hungry when I reached there. I looked for food stall in that area but with no luck. After some long walk, I found this Top Cafe.

Unfortunately, it was still quite early and the cafe wasn't opened for business yet. There was only a drink stall that was just about to open at that time. I bought a Coke to quench my thirst and I asked the hawker when is the business hour for the cafe. He told me the cafe will be opened at around 5 PM. I saw a tom yam stall in the cafe. As a tom yam lover, I came back the next day to try it out.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

Instead of calling it a cafe, I prefer to call it a small-scale hawker center. There are only three food stalls in the hawker center, namely tom yam stall, roti canai stall and burger stall. The drink stall is run by Indian fellows and they are selling snacks as well.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

Teh Ice【RM1.40】

Before I ordered the tom yam, I have ordered a glass of Teh Ice. When the hawker brought me the Teh Ice, I was a bit shocked. It was rare to see a Teh Ice with such heavy colour. Judging from it's colour, I was guessing that this Teh Ice must be very sweet but the fact is it was not! The taste kinda felt special at first (I don't know how to describe it) but it went back to normal as I continued drinking it.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

This tom yam stall has been doing their business at here for about a year and they have recently launched their second stall at Relau. The sell from 11 AM to 3 PM at Relau and continue selling at Top Cafe after they have closed their stall at Relau.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

  Maggie Fried Fish Tom Yam【RM5】

 I have ordered a bowl of Maggie fish head tom yam. The soup wasn't that much concentrated but still it tasted quite sour. While I was eating the tom yam, I didn't feel that much spicy, but after I have finished it, the spiciness started to come out from my mouth.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

As for the fish, though it was being fried, yet the skin wasn't as crispy as I thought and the overall sensation is a bit soft (I think that it was because I have took too much time on taking photo and causing the fried fish to have absorbed too much soup and thus making it feels soft).

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

Ice Coffee【RM1.40】

The spiciness in my mouth wont go away even after I have drank all the Teh Ice, so I have ordered another glass of drink, ice coffee. The ice coffee isn't too sweet and the saturation is just right, I personally prefer it.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

After finished my tom yam, I went to the tom yam stall to chat with the hawkers (well, as a blogger, this is what I always do). The hawkers told me that the bee hoon of the fish head bee hoon are in three sizes, thick, medium and thin. They said that the most original fish head bee hoon is the one cooked with the thin bee hoon.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

The hawker fried the fish on the spot so that we can taste the fresh fired fish.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

The boss treated me with a freshly fried fish. As expected, the crispiness is totally different from the fried fish in the tom yam that I have spent a lot of time taking photographs with. This one does taste like eating a snack!

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

Here is a list of foods and prices of the tom yam stall for reference. All the foods are within RM5 so it is quite affordable for a no-income person like me.

Lintang Minden 2 Tom Yam

Business Hour
6.00 PM - 9.30 PM
Rest on Sunday

Top Cafe at Lintang Minden 2

To USM students : This cafe is quite near to USM and it is within walking distance. To reach there, walk in from the road beside The Palazzia (you will see a Chinese Temple there) and walk straight until you pass a small road (only human and motorbike can pass through, if you want to go by car then you have to use the Batu Uban entrance). You will come to a housing area (no residents yet) and then turn left to the first junction. By now you are at Lintang Minden 2 already so just walk straight a bit and you will see the Top Cafe. Let's give it a try if you are bored with the same foods around USM. Hope you enjoy it! :)

This post was originally written on 15th August 2014

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