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【健康饮食】Sorganic有机麦片豆粉 Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder

Srganic Cereal Soy Powder


To live a happy life, one must have a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, most of the food we take has been chemically modified, which little by little it will affects our health. Today, let me to introduce to you an organic product - Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder. Sorganic is recognised by various international certification organisations, thus their product's quality is assured.

Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder


Sorganic cereal soy powder is good for your heart and bone and it promotes wight loss as well. For men, it significantly cut the risk of prostate cancer and helps reduce liver cirrhosis. For women, soy protein in Sorganic effectively mitigates menopausal symptoms and substantially reduces the frequency of hot flashes in postmenopausal women.

Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder


We often see products with "organic" labeled on it, but are they really organic? And what define an organic product? There are many sellers that labeled their products with "organic" and then sell it at a high price. As a smart consumer, one must know that an organic product without the recognition from any international certification organisation cant be fully considered as an organic product. The Ecocert labeled on the Sorganic box is an international certification body. To get this cert, Sorganic has to follow the strict rules set by Ecocert, which involve production, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and many more.

Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder

一盒Sorganic有机麦片豆粉(800公克)售价RM36.90,目前可以在西药店以及有机商店购取。当然,Sorganic也有自己的专卖店,Sorganic Boutique。顾客们可以先到Sorganic Boutique尝试他们的产品,如果觉得满意的话可以直接在那里购买。

One box pf Sorganic cereal soy powder (800 grams) is sold at RM36.90. Currently, Sorganic soy powder can be obtained from pharmacies and organic shops. Or, you can get it from their own shop, Sorganic Boutique which is located at 721 Jalan Dato Keramat. You may go and have a try of their product at their shop first.

Sorganic Cereal Soy Powder


When preparing the soy drink, remember don't pour it with hot water. This will make the soy to loss it's nutrients. So firstly, pour some warm water in the glass and then add in the soy powder. Stir well and then add in more warm water. Stir again and in a moment the soy drink will be ready. Since the soy powder is added with cereal, it can be served as breakfast, especially for those who want to keep fit.

Sorganic Boutique
营业时间 Business Hour
9am - 6pm (周日休息 Close on Sunday)

地址 Address
721 Jalan Dato Keramat, 10460 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

联络 Contact
016 - 419 2558

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Sorganic Boutique

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