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与其说这是个不起眼的街边艺术,倒不如说是鲜为人知会比较适合。我也是因为大约两个星期前有人电邮告诉我我才知道它的存在的。电邮我的人只告诉我这个街边艺术是在Ete Cafe的附近,所以我也不告诉你们它的具体地点了。有兴趣的话你们就和我一样到Ete Cafe的附近找找看吧!

I believe some of you have heard that a dragon will come to life when someone draw the eyes on it. There is one artist who has drew two eyes on this lock and like the dragon rumors, this lock seems to be alive.
Instead of saying this street art is insignificant, it is more appropriate to say that it is not well-known by many. I only realise it's existence from an email by a friend. This friend has only told me that this street art is located somewhere near Ete Cafe, so I will not expose the exact location as well. If you are interested with this street art, lets go and find it at around Ete Cafe just like me.

大家应该对这只大老鼠很熟悉吧。这就是在Gat Lebuh Armenian那里偷偷在一旁看着那只巨猫的黑老鼠。但是在对面的另一只黑老鼠就很少人发现到了。

You all must be very familiar with this big black rat already. This is the big black rat that is peeping the gigantic cat at Armenian Street Ghaut. However, there ain't much people knowing that opposite this big black rat there is actually another small black rat.


This is the small black rat. Notice that the rat is holding a fish.


The fish that the rat holding is actually a bait to the cat besides it.

这两只老鼠和那个活生生的锁都是同一位画家的作品。还记得在Lebuh Ah Quee那里有两只恐龙吗?那两只恐龙也是这位画家画的哦。还有另一只恐龙是在Lorong Soo Hong那里的,可是已经是几乎要消失了。当初还不知道的时候还以为是某些人的恶作剧呢。

These two black rats and the lively lock is actually the artwork of the same artist. Still remember there are two dinosaurs at Ah Quee Street? These two dinosaurs is also the artwork of this artist. And there is another dinosaur at Soo Hong Lane but this one is about to disappear already. I used to be thinking that these dinosaurs are some kind of joke made by others but it turns out to be the artwork of an artist.

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