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【Penang Gourmet】The 70 Over Years Traditional Indian Cheese Apom That Cooked With Claypot & Charcoal | Dato Kramat Road

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom
Traditional Indian Apom Stall

Apom, or the Indian pan cake, is one of the common foods we can get at most places in Pennag. However, when it comes to the traditional Apom, it would be a rare one, even in Penang. Yet, I have met with this Indian hawker who has still practicing the traditional ways of making Apom.

A couple of days ago, I went to Georgetown out of the blue just to taste this traditional Apom. However, I have reached there too early. When I reached there, the Indian hawker was just about to set up his stall and he asked me to wait for a while. And so, I waited at there and have a little chat with the hawker.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

This Indian hawker's name is Guna. Uncle Guna has been selling Apom at this same location for 30 years and this Apom is passed down by his father. He told me that his father has been selling Apom for 40 years but at a different location. Sum up the years, this Apom has a history of 70 years! Uncle Guna opened his stall (despite raining). He said that his children were all grown up already and each of them was busy with their own things, and since he has nothing to do at home, so he came here everyday selling Apom to kill his time.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

The biggest different of the traditional and the modern Apom is that the modern Apom is prepared using an iron plate while the traditional one is prepared using clay pot. I asked uncle Guna is it that he is the only one that is still practicing the traditional ways of making Apom? He said no. In Georgetown, there are still a few Apom stalls run by the old hawker that are still practicing the traditional way.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

The modern Apom is prepared using the gas while the traditional one is prepared using the charcoals. One perception I have towards charcoal is that the food cooked with it is always taste nicer!

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

See the 'drumsticks' on uncle Guna's hands? These drumsticks were used to move the hot clay pots. On top of the clay pot there was another clay pot, with charcoals in it. Uncle Guna said that this is to heat up the clay pot at the middle so that it was hot enough to prepare the Apom.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

This is the price list of the Apom. I have ordered a RM3 Apom Special.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

While uncle Guna was preparing my special Apom, I can smell the really nice butter smell coming from it.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

This special Apom was added with egg, condensed milk, butter and cheese! Special enough? haha.. The hot Apom melts the butter and cheese, mixing the sweetness of the condensed milk and there you go, a very delicious soft Apom! Really, if you are looking for Apom, this is the one I will recommend.

Trasitional Indian Cheese Apom

Jalan Dato Keramat
(Opposite Jalan Seang Tek, beside Time Square)

Business Hour
5pm - 9pm (Opened Daily)

This post was originally written on 10th May 2014

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